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I am Malasha Smith a 23yrs old Jamaica born with date of birth on may 23rd 1993 (labour day) no wonder I'm so hard working!

I adore and have a passion for MODELING.

I am a powerful young lady who believe in my dreams.

I am smart, hard working, and not to mention - beautiful.

I believed that my passion for fashion all started from my dear mother who also wanted to be a model.

I will do my best in 2017, on team Jamaica at WCOPA.

WCOPA 2017 Nashaca Smith video promotion

*donate to Nashaca's journey to WCOPA 2017 by clicking the button above. Donate any amount. The funds donated will go toward her expenses for the trip which amount to approximately $3500usd inclusive of accommodation in LA, associated visa fees round-trip airfare from Jamaica to LA, and competition fees. Funds will go to the National Director for Jamaica: Miss Lisa Hayles who is in charge of paying over her fees to the international body of WCOPA.

Please keep in mind Paypal takes a service charge for using its platform

Feel free to contact Nashaca Smith re your donation @, and include a copy of the screenshot of your donation in email to her.

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