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#33 CAMEAL DAVIS (Model, Vocalist)

Blessed with a beautiful voice and an enchantingly positive spirit, Cameal Davis is an entertainer who inspires people across generations. She is a multi-talented singer and actress who delivers a powerful performance in any genre or role given. With musical inspirations from legendary performers including Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia, she embodies the art of performance and possesses the ability to actively engage her audience. Despite her youth, Cameal exemplifies what can be achieved through hard work, discipline and determination.

Singing and acting was always an important part of Cameal’s life, and according to her “Serves as a way to balance and focus” the rest of her life. From a very young age it was evident that she was destined to be on stage. Cameal started honing her talent in High School, where she entered the JCDC School festivals year after year. Her talent and hard work paid off in the form of numerous awards, including silver and gold medals, as well as certificates. In recognition of her superior stage presence, Cameal was affectionately dubbed “The Diva” by the judges. During this time, Cameal was also a member of Father Ho-Long and friends and was a part of the epic Musical “Moses”.

With her continued growth in talent and charisma, Cameal’s star continued to shine. The name Cameal Davis rapidly became a household name throughout Jamaica, during the 2008 season of Jamaica’s popular talent competition, Digicel Rising Stars. Each week, she delivered a powerful performance, with songs such as “Land of Love”, “Ironic”, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and “I Don’t Want to Know”, and the audience responded with their votes. Her cover of Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” claimed the most votes of the season. On October 3, 2008, most of Jamaica eagerly watched and frantically voted to ensure their favorite artist. Cameal Davis made history and became the first female to win the competition.  

Cameal Davies photo

Cameal followed up on her victory with live performances at some of Jamaica’s most prominent music events, including Reggae Sumfest and the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. Her video “Believe” has been widely recognized for the artistic representation, performance and positive message. After eight years, the video still receives a significant number of views. 

The success of Rising Star also led to notable collaborations with other artists, including “We Can”, with Assassin aka Agent Sasco, “Candle in the Wind”, with Tazz and “I’m Doing Good”, with Romaine Virgo. Cameal carefully considered her projects following Rising Star and leveraged the opportunity to spread a positive message. 

Her Rising Star success also led to the lead role of “Effie” in the 2009 musical theatre production of “Dreamgirls” Cameals unique ability to capture her audience was quite evident in her performance as she received standing ovations nightly and received the “Best New Cast Member”, “Best Female Lead Role” and “Cast member of the Year” awards. This performance revealed her depth and ability as a well-rounded performer.

Although Cameal decided to pursue her education, her career as a performer continued to soar. She became a member of the UWI Pop Society and Drama Club as this enabled her to balance her passion for the arts while continuing to focus on academics. This involvement afforded her the opportunity to be selected as a member of the UK Performing Arts Tour in 2012. She proudly received the honor to represent Jamaica as part of the Jamaica 50 celebration in the U.K. with the prestigious group of talented actors, singers and dancers from the University of the West Indies.

Cameal is committed to making a positive change in the world, her selfless contribution and involvement with the talented group, “Voices for Climate Change” has helped her to reach and educate thousands about the effects of climate change on our environments and by extension the world. Even off the stage, Cameal is a role model, who recently graduated with honors from University of the West Indies, with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management.

Now as a member of the Dynamic WCOPA Team Jamaica 2017, the future is bright for this talented entertainer as she expands her reach from Jamaica to the rest of the world.

I Believe by Cameal Davis - Reggae Embassy

Check out Cameal Davis' song I BELIEVE which was produced by Digicel after she made history by becoming the 1st female to win the Digicel Rising Star competition in 2008. For bookings and all busin...

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