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#2. TIFFANY THOMPSON (Vocalist & Model)

Tiffany Thompson- Campaign Video for the World Championships of the Performing Arts

Help spread the word about my bid to compete and Represent Jamaica in the 2017 World Championships of the Performing Arts. Please like and share this youtube video and if you can please make a donatio...

Tiffany Carolyn Thompson, ( born July 17 1990) is an accompanying vocalist and recording artiste. Tiffany sings many genres but Reggae, R&B/ Soul and Rock are her favourite. A vibrant girl who grew up in Windsor Castle of Port Antonio Jamaica, Tiffany Carolyn Thompson, will be releasing her first single,( Frozen) to the excitement of her growing fan base.

Tiffany has been singing since the tender age of 3 years old but did not take music seriously until in her teenage years.

“I was not born into a family of musical people, but I always wanted to be a singer and I knew my talent and did my best to hone it by myself,”she said “I was always singing and trying to better myself by joining the choir at my school ( Titchfield High School), where I learned different tricks on proper breathing, diction, enunciation and so forth.”

It was her belief in her talent that motivated her to try out for Digicel Rising Stars in 2008, where she was chosen as Producer’s Pick and came 7 overall in the Studio Finals. “ I was very humbled and elated when I was chosen by the Producer to be in the Studio Finals. I also had many ups and downs during the show but I am forever grateful for the experience and it taught me that there was much more that I needed to do to be taken seriously.”

tiffany's photo

With these lessons learned, Tiffany entered the University of the West Indies to pursue her tertiary education in Geography, but never gave up on music. “I knew I needed a lot more exposure, so I joined The University Pop Society,Taylor Hall Chorale and ensemble and The Quilt Performing Arts Company.”

From there she has been able to not only get a lot of exposure and experience but has represented the University and Jamaica both regionally,(Carifesta Suriname in 2013 and Miss Heritage Pageant in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2015), as well as internationally, ( Jamaica 50 Celebrations in England in 2012 and Contacting the World Performing Arts Festival in England, 2014). Just recently she was selected to represent Jamaica at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in June 2017.

Tiffany will continue to hone her talent and release more single while she represents Jamaica and works on her first album.

*donate to Tiffany's journey to WCOPA 2017 by clicking the button above. Donate any amount. The funds donated will go toward her expenses for the trip which amount to approximately $3500usd inclusive of accommodation in LA, associated visa fees round-trip airfare from Jamaica to LA, and competition fees. Funds will go to the National Director for Jamaica: Miss Lisa Hayles who is in charge of paying over her fees to the international body of WCOPA.

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Feel free to contact Tiffany Thompson re your donation @, and include a copy of the screenshot of your donation in email to her.

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