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We have been re-energised, and we coming stronger than ever! We have seen the competition out there, and we are confident, through team work, we can give the world a run for thier money. So for 2015, we are coming hard, smart, and better than ever. We have won this entire WCOPA in 2003 with the Strachan Sisters, and in 2008 with Andrew Clarke, who have gone on to do great things in the Entertainment business.

Our mission to win this once again! So come out and give it a try, your dreams may just begin to come true... it wont happen with you just sitting there, you are going to have to go and get it!

Lisa Hayles (Director) with her new scouting team, Soumoya, Antonio Tash, Shack, Rocio, Jev, and Althia, are coming your way to find you!

Montego Bay Nov 22

then Portmore

then Kingston

*details on Portmore and Kingston coming soon...


watch out for more blogs during this entire season...

our next National Star could be you!

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